Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Decent Day all around!

Got to meet some of the local ATCards traders at the Scrapbook Pad in Colleyville. Traded for some very nice cards from electablu, teri and blueskysunburn AND I have a new mission (in addition to all the others): Figure out how to convert a page protector to display "inchies".

I already have an idea for an inchies book you can switch them out in (out in? well, you know what I mean!). The primary request was that you be able to see both sides of each inchie.

Got home and Ski was still with's been iffy this weekend as he's still not eating and I finally broke down and started force feeding him baby food in a syringe (it's what they told me to give him last time because his stomach was so upset from his thyroid pills). This evening he felt good enough to growl at me so that's a positive sign.

The weather was glorious and the cats lounged on the balcony as long as I let them...I finally had to drag Biddles in, whining all the way.

Got to finish up a trade to Chilliwack, BC, Canada and then it's off to bed.

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