Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gotta Share this Beading site and Link!

Robin Atkins is an incredibly productive beadworker and her blog is a delight!

She's also incredibly generous: When she "retired" her first book, One Bead At A Time, she set it free. By which I mean she made it available as a free download. Rather than loading the book with a multitude of projects, she walks you through her process and frees you to create original pieces for yourself that reflect you, rather than the author. A few pages in the back with techniques and you're ready to set out on your own exploration of beading creativity.

Robin's other books are also available on her site, as well as hard-to-find resources that she uses in her work (beading needles, specialty beads, specialty cords).

Go Robin!

(and thank you Virginia for telling me about the chord/cords boo-boo!)