Monday, October 26, 2009

MakeDFW meetup was loads of fun...

We met at a sort of Open House for the forthcoming Neighborhood Workshop, which will be debuting in 2010. There will be a lot of standard large equipment, as well as some more exotic offerings like a Laser cutter, Vinyl cutter (as in vinyl signs, wall words, custom cut vinyl graphics for cars, etc), and a computerized embroidery machine.

The star attraction today was the laser cutter. Many of us brought materials to try out and I had some plywood blanks, samples of countertop laminate, leather scraps and aluminum samples.

I forgot to take the camera, so I have no action shots, but here's the laser 'etching' on leather and polyester moleskin fabric. The laser burned away the fuzzy moleskin part and left the underlying knit fabric. It is totally usable as a clothing fabric even after this! Note, both were photographed at an angle.

I also forgot to eat before I went over there, so when I left I forgot to bring the other box, leaving behind my samples etched on wood and countertop laminate... I'll show them tomorrow after I pick them up!