Saturday, December 6, 2008

Serendipity strikes again...

Got a call from friends yesterday to see if I wanted to go with them today to see a free exhibit in Dallas, "Texas Collects Asia: Contemporary Asian Art," at the Crow Collection of Asian Art. When we got there, they were just warming up for a lion dance by a local Kung Fu dojo - unfortunately I didn't get their name...nor did I remember my cell had video till after they'd started (please forgive the fuzziness!):

It certainly was fun to the little girl who walked up and 'fed' the lion at the last bit!

Thoroughly enjoyed the tour, then, in the cultural interaction area, some kids were learning about Noh Theater:

Other kids got to make a pendant with asian symbols or decorate a 'kimono'. This is what I just love about the Crow - their emphasis on teaching the culture as well as showing the art. Their Asian New Years celebration is not to be missed!

As we left the building, we crossed over to the bamboo garden by the Nasher Sculpture center. The light was shining juuuuust right! (Once more, taken with my Nokia N75)

bamboo garden 1

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CattyCat said...

What a wonderful uplifting post this is. I enjoyed being in on it a little bit too. The bamboo photo is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing.