Monday, December 1, 2008

A Bittersweet Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving holiday was unexpectedly bittersweet.

The nieces and nephews brought their dudes, dudettes friends and friends' kids with them and you could feel the young energy surging through the room. I didn't even realize we'd lost that in our generation, but seeing it there once more, I realized we had. Mom had a great time listening to all the chatter.

It was a wonderful mob of new faces and old. Luckily we'd somehow brought enough to feed an army, because it certainly looked like we were being invaded! When all the various bellies were full to bursting, there was just a spoon of green bean casserole and a spoon of Sherri's New Mexican creamed corn and NO mashed potatoes (made with cream cheese, these always go fast)! Poor Bob didn't get hardly anything but roast pork to take home, but he didn't complain.

My niece Chrysta seems to be the Gatherer in her generation...staying in touch and getting all the various sibs and cousins together on the weekends. I worry a bit about Mary (the Girly Goth niece), but she's got to make her own mistakes right now...while she still 'knows everything'.

I got home and wished a little wish that those smiles are all still there next year.


CattyCat said...

I don't see the "bitter". It all looks sweet to me. Count the blessings of a large family. For me it was my daughter and I. End of family. So your version sounds heavenly to me.

I dropped by actually to let you know I put you on the side bar of my blog so I can come visit easier now. Maybe you will do the same

Donna said...

It's not "bitter". It's "bittersweet"...the new generation is stepping in and we've joined the elders. I'm simply letting go of that life phase, and a bit saddened by the act.