Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sleep? What is this Sleep you speak of?

I've spent the last few weeks in the fruitless pursuit of that elusive and underappreciated state of being: Sleep

I've had difficulties in the past, but most recently it seemed that my brain was a 25 screen multiplex that NEVER closed. I haven't been able to get anything accomplished at work without massive quantities of caffeine, which, of course, aggravates the whole situation.

I've gone the whole gamut from prescribed drugs to OTCs to herbs and supplements. So far nothing has worked well and the only combo that worked at ALL was my version of Tylenol PM: Ibuprofen/Benadryl plus some of my magnesium at bedtime.

Most recently I am trying St. John's Wort to lift my mood a bit (the evening shows could get a bit morbid! 'nuff said...) and it seems to be working very well. I especially note this at work, where things can get a bit tense. My cranky factor has definitely been lower.

Note: though it works for mild to moderate depression, studies have shown it is no better than placebo for severe depression...and abuse coupled with other prescription anti-depressants can be fatal. You have been warned!

So, St. John's Wort, plus my IbuprofenPM, plus a homeopathic remedy called Calms Forte have given me one semi-restful night. I shall continue to test this combo thru the remainder of pills in the bottle and see how I feel after that.

I really have to get this under control. My production at work is sub-par (for me) and I have art commitments I have to meet.


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Morganna said...

It's da hawk! :D

Well, I don't have any sure fire advice to give away because I have a host of sleep problems. One of them being,that I really hate sleep.

I have said to heck with it and pretty much drink however much coffee I want a long time ago. :)

Well about the only thing I can tell you is Alex has been taking Melatonin. It's an herbal sleep remedy. I think he takes the 5mg pill every night. We haven't researched it, as it was from the advice from his Mom, but he says it it really doesn't work all the way, but he really feels like it's a good 10% on taking the edge off and making him feel a little more tired. So, he will not go without it now.

lol, as he puts it, better then nothing.

I hope you get some sleep girl!