Monday, September 22, 2008

PMS + Menopause = Dammit!

Massive mood swings this evening. REALLY don't need this. Feeling absolutely useless. Crying my eyes out.

I know this'll pass, but it's a real crapper right now.

So I decided to share it with y'all too.

Actually, I guess you can't call it a mood swing if it's only going in one direction.


CattyCat said...

Ah but there is a bottom to everything but infinity.

Menopause is harsh I guess, but be glad you are in IT, rather than battling cancer and having a radical hystorectomy to survive and thus bypassing menopause. Like some of us did. Looking on the bright side for you.

altermyworld said...

How are you today? This post caught my eye, i am SO PMS'ing this week. Its horrid, i have been up 1 hr and have cried three different times.
Take care,