Monday, August 25, 2008

To everything there is a Season...

While catching up on a friend's blog (, a comment she'd made stopped me in my tracks. A piece she was working on included a tape measure as her 'timeline' and she stated she was "more than a bit past my half way mark".

She's my age.

And THAT got me thinking: How does your age affect your art?

When I was a kid (4th grade I believe) I had this dread of dying before I'd 'done anything', because then nobody would even know I'd been alive. (Is that morbid for a 4th grader? I dunno.) Looking back, I've been pretty lax (for me) about 'getting things done'. There was always plenty of time 'later' and I could make mistakes or putz around and not wind up with diddly to show for it, and that was OK.

But now, even if I DON"T up and die suddenly as some have done recently, the time I have left is less than the time I've spent getting here and now. So, what am I gonna do with the time I think I have left?

What's on your list?


HappyEverAfterGirl said...

Existentialist moments...gotta love em. I have been procrastinating like crazy. Instead of packing I am gofing around with my new blog...hee hee...Andrea

CattyCat said...

Even with the worst of moments, I have learned to look to the horizon and watch for the wonderful lesson/enlightenment that comes from the hard times.