Sunday, August 24, 2008

More creative fun! It's All About the Chunky!

Today, well, actually it was last night, anyway... I was playing with my woodburner on some scraps of craft micro plywood and a coffee stir stick. Just doodling a bit but very happy with the results.

Also working on some "chunky" pages for a Vintage Halloween swap being hosted by Andreananda over at These are 4x4 heavily embellished pages that are later bound into a book, sometimes with special covers, sometimes just the pages. It's my first time making chunky books so I'm already suffering all kinds of performance anxiety... I'm such a ditz sometimes!

Andrea gave me some pointers this morning and showed me some of her books...yeah, I can do this!

Here's a scan of one of the base pages (Hint: click on any of the pics to see a larger shot).

I've started off with some printed craft foam I picked up last year on clearance, backed it with a 4x4 piece of cardstock and sandwiched in between some fringe yarn. Punched holes for some long chunks of yarn - very popular on chunky pages. Besides the color, this yarn is almost sinfully strokable...

The next scan is a page that doesn't have its long fringe yarn yet, but I've put together a cut from a vintage Halloween postcard printout with a new piece of cardstock and applied that with 3D foam dots.

It's allllll about the Chunky!

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