Saturday, June 28, 2008

Update on the Trashed Elm from the Storm

Well, they took the poor old Elm out completely last week, and today, wallah! we have a Pampas Grass. Poor trade, if you ask me! (and even if you don't!)

Summer has set in with a vengeance and I find that I've let my watering go for too long...I almost lost my Lady Palm and wild violets - just label me Plant Abuser!

I decided I needed some time away from work (this magically coincided with the accumulation of enough PTO to do so) and taking advantage of the holiday I'm taking next week off for a grand total of TEN CONSECUTIVE DAYS. Be still my heart.

I want to do some photo shoots around town that I've been mentally noting, as well as rearrange the apt and work on some digital art, so it's gonna be a full week!I've uploaded some of the pics I took of the tiny little waterfall I found at a strip mall in Carrollton.

I'll be visiting it again to see how it fares in this summer heat. The wall faces the West so I'll bet the fern and strawberries have a tough time in July.

More pics to come!
Tiny Waterfall Closeup

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