Sunday, June 29, 2008

Creativity and Anti-Anxiety Drugs

Update on the whole Zoloft scenario:

As I said previously, my Rx meds saved me from losing my job, but they flattened me out creatively. I'm back at the home office, that particular stressor is gone, so I figured it was safe to wean off the med and go find out what is going to be 'normal' for me during my menopause. You have to wean off of these types of meds, or else the ride gets REAL bumpy, just like any form of "Cold Turkey".

Well, I've been on a half dose for about a week and a half and can already tell a big difference. That little 'spark' is back and I feel clearer headed, like I've been thinking and seeing thru a fog for the last year. I'm ramping down to the 1/4 dose for a week and then I'm free of this med!

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