Sunday, January 27, 2008

Remembering Rackety

I'm currently using this shot on my ATCards profile page, and I was asked about the fellow on my shoulder.

This shot was taken back in the summer of '72 (yes, I'm an Old Fart. If you're real lucky, you will be too, so hush). We'd taken in Rackety as an orphan. He had to be the luckiest coon baby that year because he got the old kid's playhouse for his 'cage.' He especially liked to jump up on the lintel of the doorway and hop on your shoulders as you ducked to come inside. His non-stop chittering gave him his name.

He was with us through Halloween, when some twit unlatched his door and we never saw him again. I've always hoped he learned quickly enough that not all humans bring grapes, and went on to live a long life making lots more little Racketies.

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