Sunday, January 27, 2008

ATC Crazy

Over the holidays I discovered a great site for trading ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). I'd read about ATCs for several years but whenever I searched for more info it emphasized trading in person...and I couldn't find anything locally. The few sites with International swaps...welllll, I just didn't like the 'art' that was being swapped. To be honest, most of it was cr@p!

I think running into Cedarseed's site really fired me up to get started, though. So when I found (note, that site is defunct and has been replaced with an improved site:, I jumped in with both feet. I had a backlog of images I'd created with Photoshop, so I mined those to get started.
I was surprised at which cards got the most attention. I was surprised, also, at a distinct bias against digital works, like it's cheating or something. Looking at some of the 'handmade' stuff on offer, I'll stick with my digital!

That said, there are plenty of members who are into digital or just open to trade for digital, so I'm not constrained by someone else's shortsightedness. Now that I've been participating for a few weeks, I'm signing up for a few swaps...

What I like most about the whole enchilada is that I'm doing a lot more work right now than I was before.

And art is just like photography. You have to do it a lot to get good at it.

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