Thursday, March 25, 2010

Steampunk for April

I'm ready to finally start on my Steampunk outfit for an April 14th library play date.

First up: Foam Falls a la the Anachronaut. He's not making them anymore (all his stuff in dA is from the early Oughts and his old sales website just went dark, like, YESTERDAY!). He's got his Masters and has moved on to bigger things, so I had to scour the 'Net to find any detailed pics of his work. There's LOTS of bad copies out there! *Gawd but he's a sexy boi!* He was in his mid 20's in the photos...

Mine are going to be a cool brown foam with bronzy squares painted on it, and black foam accents. Using blue painters tape I masked off the sheet of foam in 1" stripes and lightly slapped on the paint so that it would look patchy and worn. May still go back and sand/distress it a bit before I cut the strips apart. Don't have any tubing so I think I'll cut some of the strips in skinnier widths for variation. I like his hole punched strips, one of those things the knockoff peeps don't bother to do, as well as his wrapped 'bundles' and the eyelets and rivets that accent them - adds a bit of steamy flash.

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