Thursday, January 7, 2010

A good song to start the year with...

I love lastFM! This little gem popped up almost a year ago, and I find I look forward to it coming up in the queue...

About the song:
Thing a Week 23 – A Talk with George

Chapter 23 in which you are visited by the ghost of George Plimpton and he relays to you an important message about life.
It was Jim Hanas who told about the song contest going on at The Plimpton Project, an organization dedicated to getting a statue of the man erected somewhere in the city. George was a hell of a guy, and he deserves about 10 or 15 statues, but I guess one would be a good start. I met him at a Paris Review party once, and he was pretty charming for a Harvard man. The song: A Talk with George

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