Thursday, December 24, 2009

More Conductive resources arrived!

Yesterday afternoon I checked the mailbox and there was my package from! Yay!

Opened it up and it was chock full of every imaginable size of conductive thread, from gossamer to multi-ply sewing threads. TOTALLY worth the $15 plus shipping ($11 shipping for both kits together)!

I was disappointed to find the conductive fabric samples weren't in the package and have posted an email enquiry... which I'm sure they'll take care of soon as they can after the holiday.

Here's a piccie of the loot, uh, contents of the sampler...

The closeup lets you see just how much of a 'sample' you get...quite a bit actually! I could use these to knit up some conductive patches quite easily, or even try weaving a Soft Circuit... Click on either piccie to zoom it bigger.

Here's a start on uses for conductive threads over at Instructables:

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