Monday, February 16, 2009

MOST interesting Blog I've just tripped over...

Very articulate blog, this is one I've added to my RSS listings.

PS: what he's got to say also scares the pants off me.


Jamais Cascio

Jamais Cascio writes about the intersection of emerging technologies, environmental dilemmas, and cultural transformation, specializing in the design and creation of plausible scenarios of the future. His work focuses on the importance of long-term, systemic thinking, emphasizing the power of openness, transparency and flexibility as catalysts for building a more resilient society.

Cascio's work appears in publications as diverse as Metropolis, the Atlantic, Technology Review, and He was featured in National Geographic Television's SIX DEGREES, its 2008 documentary on the effects of global warming, and on History Channel's SCIENCE IMPOSSIBLE, its 2009 series on emerging technologies. Cascio has spoken about future possibilities around the world, at venues including South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas, FuturShow3000 in Bologna, Italy, the Singularity Summit in San Francisco, and the TED 2006 conference, "The Future We Will Create," in Monterey, California.

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AdamGordon said...

Yup, couldn't agree more. I also just discovered Jamais Cascio (via a post on the absurdity of the 'Singularity University'). Good stuff indeed. -Adam Gordon