Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fun with collage

Since the "scare the lights out of me" storm (still getting used to all that light on the balcony), I've been working on my 'art doll' ATC swap submissions. Have been wanting to do something fairy themed, so I chose to focus on flower fairies (in part because Joann's was having a wicked cool sale on all things Spring-faux-floral). Have also wanted to make some pieces not 100% digital, so this was a nice change.

My drawing skill still isn't where I want it to be without a reference pic,

so I went trolling on the WWWeb for inspiration. I've always loved Rackham's illustrations, and I found a pose I liked so I cribbed the
pose and proportions and took it from there. Many revisions later, I had my base fairy, ready to be cut out and 'dressed'. I had some ancient inkjet transparency media that worked just fine for fairy wings...adding nicely to the 3D effect I was looking for. The trial run went to Jenn (aka Blueskysunburn) as a thank you for another swap I was in.

My next four were for the actual swap with one for the swapmeister, Artedar. The whole process has been a blast and I will probably be making more to share...I might even offer these on my nascent etsy site.


WendyK said...

All your art dolls are fantastic. Such wonderful faces and costumes. You are going to be a hard act to follow. I've cut out the bits, now need some inspiration.
Great work

WendyK said...
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