Sunday, March 30, 2008

Girl Scouts Rock!

This is short but I gotta go to bed!

I had an absolutely fabulous time this Saturday talking fibers to a great bunch of Girl Scouts working on their Renaissance Badge (which I hadn’t even HEARD of until this year, LOL!)

In addition, I made up some sample Ren garb for the braver ones to try was a hoot! No pics, I was too busy!

Several girls and moms were interested in learning more about spinning, so I pulled together the following and sent it to them:

There’s a magazine just for spinners (and you can get it off the rack at most Barnes and Noble AND Borders!)

A website alllllll about Handspinning!

Abby Franquemont of gives a video tutorial on hand spindling: – excellent blog with lots of good info!

Instructions for Handspinning with top whorl spindle (top whorl is my personal fav kind of spindle!)

I love their disclaimer: WARNING!!! Spinning reduces stress and promotes well being. It can also be habit forming and lead to obsessive behaviors such as, but not restricted to: caressing and hoarding all fibers; dying them with food colors and things from your garden or whatever you have laying about; spinning the fluffy bits of the weeds in your fields, the cotton wad in your vitamin bottles and even the lint from your dryer! Proceed with extreme caution!

Mielke's Fiber Arts, LLC: Instructions for bottom whorl spindle spinning

Additional sites:

and finally a listing of yahoo groups just about spinning and weaving!

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CattyCat said...

Hey Donna: See we are both on each others side bar. I was a GS until I was 18 years old. Growing up in the country and getting to be a GS there really set a good foundation for me. GS is a really positive place for a young person to be. Nice to see it still exists.